This site will provide information about social activities and general information in Bainbridge Villas. 

As most of you know, we have use of the meeting room in Odell once a month for our socials from October through March.  Because we have people still working and those who have had conflicts with other meetings on Wednesdays, effective with this October our socials will change to the second Saturday of each month (from the current first Wednesday).  There is no situation that works perfectly for everyone, but since the driveway parties have worked well on Saturdays I took the available opportunity that came up to change our reservation.

So, we will have a driveway party Saturday 9/26, and then move indoors 10/10.  Hopefully by then many of our snowbirds will have returned.  Also, if you have a new resident near you, please pass this info along and also ask them to forward me their info. 


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